Confidence and clarity Edexec

Confidence and clarity (workshop with limited capacity)

Confidence and clarity Edexec

Laura Williams, Consultant, LJ Consultancy

Do you know when to say yes – or no – in your role? It’s time to stop going unheard and unrecognised. This workshop centres on confidence: knowing who you are, what you do and what you bring to the table. It may be that you’ve been overlooked for so long that you’re uncomfortably comfortable in a lesser role, or that the job – or employer – is no longer right for you but you’re scared to move on.

This session will address:

  • Confidence both on a personal level and professionally.
  • How to improve relationships with those in other roles to ensure they value you and what you do.
  • Measuring and articulating your impact within your role.
  • How CPD can help and how professional and personal wellbeing tools can be implemented in the workplace

**Delegates attending this workshop will be asked to complete and return a small survey in advance of the event to enable the sessions to be as personalised as possible**

Take home points:

  • Find out how to CPD can help you.
  • Stop going unrecognised in your role

This session is for:

Heads of HR and wellbeing, and anybody looking to become a more confident leader.

About the speaker:

With over 10 years of leadership experience in the education sector, Laura is an executive coach and trainer working with SBLs, headteachers and CEOs. A former COO, CFO and business manager with CIPD and specialist CIPFA qualifications, she is an expert in all things business, operations, HR, finance and governance.

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