Developing emotionally intelligent leadership Edexec

Developing emotionally intelligent leadership

Developing emotionally intelligent leadership Edexec

Eithne Graham, Organisation and Professional Development, University of Dundee

Self-awareness and an understanding of your ‘drivers’ and ego states can enable you to build an adaptable, flexible attitude. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be defined as the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions in an effective and positive way. Developing and improving your EQ may help you to communicate better, reduce stress, improve relationships, and effectively overcome challenges. Beginning with self-awareness, developing your own EQ can greatly influence how successfully you lead others.

Drawing upon Eric Berne’s seminal work in Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships (1964) and Daniel Goleman’s  Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ (1996) Eithne, organisation and professional development at Dundee University, will help you to identify your drivers, understand how ego states can present themselves in the working environment and to begin working on developing your EQ to become a more aware leader. The core of her session will focus on understanding how to continuously improve your EQ to become dexterous with your leadership approach.

Take home points:

  • Develop self-aware leadership skills.
  • Learn to effectively handle stressful situations alongside colleagues.

This session is for:

All senior, leadership and HR-based roles.

About the speaker:

A committed learning and development specialist, Eithne Graham is dedicated to supporting and empowering people in their professional development. With an emphasis on exploring innovative solutions and developing emotionally intelligent leadership, Eithne has facilitated extensively across the UK on a range of strategic and professional skills themes. Since joining the University of Dundee, she has focused on overseeing the extensive Organisational and Professional Development programme, coordinating the cross-institutional Teaching, Research and Academic Mentoring scheme and building the Professional Development Mentoring offering for all staff at the University. Described as a super-networker, she is passionate about connecting people and opportunities, inspiring confidence and assisting with the expansion of people’s professional (and personal) capacity. Eithne uses her qualifications in CIPD, Belbin, ILM5 and EQi to facilitate leadership Action Learning Groups, offer team building and coaching to staff and to deliver highest quality development opportunities within the organisation. 

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