Document management: A gateway to an efficiency revolution Edexec

Document management: A gateway to an efficiency revolution

Document management: A gateway to an efficiency revolution Edexec

Charles Hooker of Filestream Ltd – PFU a Fujitsu company partner

Having long been involved with improving the day-to-day lives of those in the education sector, Filestream Ltd – PFU a Fujitsu company partner – will join us at EdExec LIVE to explain exactly why document management is such an incredible asset for school business leaders. Charles Hooker, MD of the business, will lead the seminar and discuss the myriad benefits of document management in schools, including:

  • Being able to keep and archive all student, staff and facilities records, in one safe place, forever.
  • The ability to find the data you need, quickly.
  • Secure storage of sensitive information.
  • Restricted access to that sensitive information.
  • Improving the process of compiling time-consuming paperwork, such as SARs.
  • Instant response to even the most complex searches.

…and much more. All that’s required is a high-quality scanner to take in the data, and the right software to organise and keep it safe. Filestream and PFU can create a solution that matches the system a school already uses, as well as advising them on what would suit them best. The education sector can be fairly traditional when it comes to its data processing, but the fact is that, if important information continues to be kept on paper, it’s difficult to find, it can be lost, and more than one person can’t view it at any one time. Document management is just simple filing, made electronic.

In fact, to demonstrate how simple document management can be, Filestream will be allowing delegates attending this session a taste of what it entails; Charles will offer a ‘get you started’ document management package – with room for up to 15 users, a 1.25 million documents and five secure areas – for free, including full, indecipherable encryption. The system can be managed through any mobile or desktop device, and Filestream will fully explain how to use it. If SBMs like it and want to take the partnership further, they can upgrade for a small fee as of the second year of use.

This system is a gentle, simple-to-use gateway to a revolution in school efficiency, and schools that don’t get involved with document management now are missing out on making life a great deal easier for themselves. Join Charles’s session to learn more about document management and the power of PFU.

Take home points:

  • The dangers of holding onto paper documents, and current and future implications of this.
  • Why digital document management will save huge amounts of time for SBMs with already overwhelming workloads.

This session is for:

Anybody involved with school back-office processes/data storage and protection

About the speaker:

Charles Hooker has led Filestream for 14 years and has a long history in office technology. Filestream, based in Wokingham, is a leading provider of secure, electronic document management and filing systems. Filestream began working closely with Fujitsu, moving into an ongoing relationship with PFU, selling Fujitsu-branded hardware coupled with Filestream document management software. Charles and his team are passionate about helping organisations across multiple sectors to streamline their document management.

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