Ending contracts - the do's and don't's Edexec

Ending contracts - the do's and don't's

Ending contracts - the do's and don't's Edexec

Cate Hart, school business leadership consultant

The prospect of having to end a contract is enough to fill most people with dread – unfortunately, for SBMs, it’s all part of the job. Ending a contract tends to mean having to have a difficult conversation with somebody – but there are ways to make it easier. Cate Hart’s seminar will focus on the types of contract-ending that most often need to happen – such as illness, dismissal due to redundancy, staff changes or restructuring – and how it can be done in a way that is both compassionate and, more importantly, legal. She will also touch on both preparing for the contract to end and the aftermath of it ending, as well as what not to do.

Take home points:

  • Learn what you might be doing wrong!
  • Tips on making sure you’re compliant when ending a contract.

This session is for:

School leaders and heads of HR.

About the speaker:

Cate is a school business leader with 18 years’ experience in London schools. She has spent the last four years working as an education business leadership consultant.

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