Leverage and price negotiation Edexec

Leverage and price negotiation

Leverage and price negotiation Edexec

Naomi Clews, consultant, Naomi Clews Consultancy

Given all of the recent the political unrest, the expectation is that prices will keep on rising; in this seminar, Naomi Clews will explain different costing models, what the impact could be on the price of goods and services and how to limit price increases. She will also dive into a variety of negotiation tips and tactics, how to implement them with confidence and how to ensure you effectively use every penny of your budget when procuring.

Take home points:

  • Learn how to negotiate.
  • Explore what anticipated price increases could mean for you.

This session is for:

Finance and procurement managers.

About the speaker:

Naomi Clews of Millennial Procurement is a qualified procurement consultant with over 25 years of procurement skills, knowledge and experience. Naomi writes and delivers CPD-accredited training courses on effective procurement and bid writing. 

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