Negotiate your way to Savings on the Cost of Supply Staff Edexec

Negotiate your way to Savings on the Cost of Supply Staff

Negotiate your way to Savings on the Cost of Supply Staff Edexec
Negotiate your way to Savings on the Cost of Supply Staff Edexec

Jenny Nugent, Commercial Agreement Manager at Crown Commercial Service & Catherine Kelsall, School Engagement Lead at Department for Education

This practical session will help you to gain control when hiring additional temporary staff, such as supply teachers. Learn how to shift the balance of power away from agencies and back to schools with transparency and greater knowledge. Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works closely with the Department for Education (DfE) to help schools and academies of all sizes reduce their running costs.  In this presentation hear how you can benefit from the CCS Supply Teachers deal, including practical tips on how to negotiate with agencies and get transparent pricing to help understand the breakdown of costs that make up the daily charge rate and rationalise your supplier base.

During this session you will also hear from the DfE’s Cath Kelsall, who is an ex School Business Professional, on the issues/challenges she faced on this subject. 

The session will help to ensure that as much of your precious budget as possible can be spent in the classroom.

Take home points:

  • Practical hints and tips that will help you negotiate the best deals with confidence, saving time and money for your school.
  • An understanding of the elements that form the daily charge rate which can help identify benefits for your temporary workers to ensure their wellbeing.
  • How safeguarding is assured and an audit trail provided.
  • Feel safe in knowing that CCS’ expert team are on-hand to help you along the way.

This session is for:

Anyone with responsibility for, or who holds a budget for hiring staff. Including CEO’s COO’s, CFO’s Governors, Headteachers, SBP’s and Cover Supervisors.
From supply teachers and classroom assistants, to admin support, cleaners and head teachers – you can fill virtually any temporary role you have a need for at your school.

About the speaker:

Jenny Nugent is a Commercial Agreements Manager at Crown Commercial Service (CCS), she is solely dedicated to the Supply Teachers deal – the first contract in the UK supported by the Department for Education in the education contingent recruitment sector.  Jenny joined CCS in October 2018 after 25 years in business development in the recruitment industry supporting both the private and public sectors. Jenny’s consultative approach ensures that schools, MATs  and suppliers get the best support in delivering their supply teacher programmes.  She has a deep understanding of the contractual, legislative and compliance issues surrounding the industry and is well versed in contract management.  

Catherine Kelsall is a former School Business Manager with over 24 years’ experience of working in a Special Needs Primary School and was an associate governor at the school. Now working for the Department for Education’s Schools Commercial Team as a Schools Engagement Lead. The team’s role is to support delivery of the Schools’ Buying Strategy.

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