The charity governance code and you Edexec

The charity governance code and you

The charity governance code and you Edexec

Graham Shaw, Consultant

Many schools and all academy trusts are exempt charities; however, how many schools and academy trusts understand what this means? Do they understand the deeper implications of their position as an exempt charity? For those schools and academy trusts that do recognise their exempt charity status, how many know how to implement this effectively? And, for school business managers and professionals, how many understand the interaction between their role and the effective governance of their school or academy trust as an exempt charity?
In this seminar, Graham will explain what it means for a school or academy trust to be an exempt charity and how the Charity Governance Code can assist in complying with charity law, developing high standards of governance and informing the role of school business managers and professionals. He will take each principle of the code and explain why it’s important, the key outcomes that should be observed and the recommended practice.
The code’s principles include:
  • Organisational purpose
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Decision-making
  • Risk and control
  • Board effectiveness
  • Diversity
  • Openness and accountability

Take home points:

  • Complying with your exempt charity status can enhance the effective delivery of education for your students
  • Adopting the Charity Governance Code can help you to comply with your legal and regulatory obligations while also promoting the wider success of your school or academy trust

This session is for:

School business managers, finance directors, chief financial officers and other senior roles.

About the speaker:

Graham has worked exclusively with schools and academies since 2003 with particular expertise in the governance and regulatory compliance of maintained schools and academy trusts covering the full range of provision: primary, secondary, all-through, special, alternative and hospital provision, church academies, co-operative academies, multi academy trusts and single academy trusts. He is also a trustee of Elevate Multi Academy Trust, a multi-academy trust with ten primary academies spanning two local authorities and academies in two Church of England Dioceses.

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