Why attend EdExec LIVE?

EdExec LIVE's a space in which you can share ideas, experiences and discuss and tackle problems with others in similar situations – as they say, two heads are better than one!

There are a million reasons why joining us and your peers at EdExec LIVE will benefit both you and your school.
For your convenience, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourites below...

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Treading the financial tightrope 

Budgets are tightening, expectations are increasing and schools are being forced to do more with less.  EdExec LIVE brings together innovative solutions that will help you strengthen your school’s position now and in the future.

Connecting people 

No one knows the business of running a school better than those who do it. EdExec LIVE is a fantastic opportunity to network with others in the profession, sharing experiences and solutions and forging long-lasting, professional relationships to benefit you and your school.

Academies stream 

Whether planning to convert, undergoing the process, or an established academy EdExec LIVE has you covered. Learn about the latest policy updates, gain practical financial guidance and explore the developing role of business managers. 


Our open Q&A session – hosted by a
panel of key movers and shakers – will be your opportunity to ask those burning questions on the hot topics of the moment. Read all about those sitting on the panel in our seminars and sessions page.

Information to go 

EdExec LIVE’s an interactive learning experience for those in the business of managing schools; you’ll benefit from seminars and workshops – covering funding, procurement, HR, legal, CPD as well as premises management and ICT – accruing valuable information, advice and tips that you can take back to school.

The great work-life balancing act

EdExec LIVE’s an opportunity to develop your existing skillset. But also – as the role develops and opportunity blossoms – we explore the options for personal progression. This is a chance for you to speak with others considering their next steps or those who have already taken them.

Exhibition and suppliers

We're well acquainted with the school supplies market and select our exhibitors with due care; they're leaders in their field, reflecting the range of providers and services school leaders want to engage and build relationships with. Our exhibition is an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with suppliers and ask others for recommendations. Peer reviews are the most reliable reviews!