Inside the recruitment methods of successful schools

Katie Newell

Katie Newell, head of content and PR, Eteach

It has become almost a cliché to say that, ‘your people are your greatest asset - and your greatest expenditure’ – but it is no less true just because it is said a lot. And now, almost everyone agrees, we are in the middle of a full blown recruitment crisis. Yet, even at a time like this, when budgets are contracting and teachers are leaving the profession in numbers, some schools seem to be able to recruit well and keep hold of their existing staff. This session will unpick how these schools are doing it – and how your school can do it too!

Take home points:
  • The proactive recruitment methods of successful schools.
  • Changes in candidate behaviour - which recruiters need to be aware of.
  • Developments in tech that can revolutionise your recruitment ‘reach’.
  • How your school could halve its annual recruitment spend now.

  • This session is for:
    Those who are finding it a struggle to attract the right calibre of candidate to their posts and who would like to adopt a more effective – and less time-consuming and costly – approach.

    Katie Newell BA (Hons) PGCE is the head of content for the eTeach group. Last year she doubled the social following of the eTeach brands and released white papers on the education recruitment landscape, GDPR recruitment for schools and ‘CCE’, the strategy which has halved recruitment costs for hundreds of schools.