Strategic human resource management, how to use it to benefit your school

Tracy Gray

Tracy Gray, director of support, Walbottle Campus

What is strategic human resource management and how can you use it to the benefit of your school? Tracey will consider its place within your school’s development plan, human capital management and overall performance. This session looks at the overarching strategy that should inform your individual HR strategies - as well as taking a ‘bigger picture’ perspective when looking at succession planning, recruitment and retention
Take home points:

  • How strategic is your human resource management approach? Not very? Put that right, here and now.
  • Learn how to ensure that your HR approach is strongly aligned with your school’s performance.
  • Get a grip on the current major headache of recruitment, retention and succession planning.
This session is for:
All those struggling with recruitment and retention who would welcome some help on how to move away from ‘fire-fighting’ to a more long term and strategic approach.

Tracey is a chartered member of the CIPD, a fellow of ISBL and is a qualified ILM coach. As director of support at Walbottle Campus, Her role encompasses business management and incorporates HR, H&S, finance, income generation, IT and technical infrastructure, estate management/leisure and community. Her work ensures students and staff are well-supported to achieve their potential within a safe environment which is sustainable and financially stable.

Tracey was chair of trustees of the Institute of School Business Leadership [ISBL] for 5 years, until June 2018, and led the organisation’s strategic direction and also provided strategic input into the development of National Professional Standards for School Business Management. Tracey received a reward of recognition from the ISBL in December 2017 ‘For outstanding contributions to the profession of School Business Leadership’. She is currently on the SBM Committee for Schools North East, representing Newcastle Secondary Schools.

Tracey became a founding director of Education Mutual in July 2018 which has been set up ‘for schools by schools’ and seeks to promote ethical and affordable solutions around staff absence and well-being for its members.