Emotional resilience - short and long-term strategies to improve wellbeing in the work place

Ross McWilliam, freelance speaker and author

Few people can be unaware of the growing focus on mental health and wellbeing in the work place and, in this seminar, Ross will address delegates on the issue of staff wellbeing. He will identify stress flashpoints, offer a measurement tool to quantify current stress levels and provide short and long-term strategies to improve wellbeing.

Having experienced a series of panic attacks in the past, and having worked with staff as well as pupils with challenging emotional behaviours and staff over the past 30 years, Ross is ideally placed to talk about the components of positive mental health. He will identify the links between body and mind and how emotional coping mechanisms might be doing us more harm than good in the war on stress.

Take home points:
  • The stress ‘flashpoints’ that every school leader should be aware of.
  • A measurement tool that you can take away to quantify stress among colleagues in your school. Will it be through the roof, or floating along nicely?
  • Practical advice on developing both short and long term strategies to make your school and happier place.
This session is for:
Leaders who have the interests of their staff at heart – and who know that better staff wellbeing leads to improved outcomes for students.

Ross is a freelance speaker and author with over 30 years’ experience within education. He has worked in over 1,000 schools and engaged with over 500,000 young children and staff. His areas of focus are wellbeing, emotional confidence, behaviour management, pupil engagement, mindsets, staff motivation and change management.

Once described by leading educational psychologist professor Barry Hymer as having a ‘classic growth mindset’, Ross is testament to this by always triumphing over disaster and is even embarking on his PhD at the age of 58!

Ross has spoken at various national conferences including National Association of Headteachers, Institute of School Business Leadership, Wells School Annual Teaching Conference and North West Headteachers Association.

Ross speaks from a position of authority, having had his own stress challenges to contend with; he has experienced a series of panic attacks over recent years; this unique viewpoint helps him connect with his audiences.

Ross McWilliam BA Hons, MSc, PGCE, Dip Man

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