Fearless leadership

Debbie Sutch, SBM and director, Fearless leadership

Fearless Leadership aims to improve leadership and personal effectiveness in any workplace. ‘The Fearless Approach’, argues that the key to developing fearlessness in the workplace has three dimensions; relationships, resilience and excellence which are represented by the fearless cube. Those three dimensions are in turn dependent on 20 separate business and leadership skills.

Debbie Sutch has worked in education for twenty-four years, across all phases and in a variety of contexts, including MATs, LA maintained schools and special education. She was a Tutor for Manchester Metropolitan University delivering the CSBM programme. She won the England Cricket Board’s award for outstanding contribution to building partnerships and securing significant external funding. Debbie undertook much of the research for the book, ‘Fearless Leadership – unlock success using the secrets of the brain,’ and she is Director of Fearless Leadership, a company delivering training and leadership consultancy in organisations based around their model, ‘The Fearless Approach’.