How to help your school save money, keep children safe and raise attainment

Bradley Dardis, learning resource consultant and Mark Bentley, safeguarding & cybersecurity manager at LGfL.

London Grid for Learning (LGfL), a not-for-profit charitable trust, dedicated to using technology to enhance teaching and learning. In this session, the team at LGfL will share their insights – gained from hands-on experience of the sector – and explore the innovative solutions which are revolutionising the way schools work by offering insights into a number of successful initiatives:
  • Cyber Protection – how you can tap into a national centre of excellence to protect schools from security threats
  • Safeguarding – products and services to keep your children safe
  • Let’s Get Digital – support for helping your school harness digital innovation through a Cloud Champions programme
  • Tackling inequality – what is available to help tackle inequality and promote well-being
Take home points:
  • How to promote a happy and healthy cyber culture in your school.
  • Keeping children safe in a digital age – what do you need to know and how do you stay up-to-date?
  • Supporting all learners, including those with SEND, EAL and mental health issues, to flourish and succeed.
This session is for:
School business managers and other school leaders who are seeking innovative solutions to drive school-wide improvement.

About the Speakers
Mark Bentley is the Safeguarding & Cybersecurity Manager at LGfL. He runs the DigiSafe and CyberCloud centres of excellence supporting schools with all their safeguarding and cybersecurity needs. This includes the DigiSafe online resource and signposting portal, blogs and newsletter updates, and identifying and developing new resources to support teachers, pupils and parents. He sits on national bodies including the UKCCIS Education Working Group, helping to shape national policy and stay abreast of the latest issues to share with schools across the LGfL network. He works with and chairs the LGfL Safeguarding Board, which ensures a broad range of expertise informs the LGfL educational and technological approach. Typical projects include a recent conference for 400 designated safeguarding leads, a nationwide pupil online safety survey of 40,000 UK pupils to inform policy and school support, and currently working on a cybersecurity audit with the National Cyber Security Centre.

Bradley Dardis has been a primary school teacher for more than 14 years and is an early years specialist. Also a computing specialist, he is a CAS master teacher and SSAT lead practitioner for computing. Bradley is an Apple teacher and lead consultant for the Apple platform, and provides support for creatively using London Grid for Learning (LGfL) resources across the curriculum.