Digital technology: strategic planning and reducing IT costs

Royden Gothelf

Royden Gothelf, independent consultant, Right ICT

When you have a clear IT strategy, linked to your school improvement plan, the questions involved in procuring digital technology – such as: How will this work in my school? What will the IT manager need to do to support its use? What training will staff need? What budget should I set aside? – become easier to answer.

In this seminar, Royden Gothelf will discuss strategic planning for term-to-term management, and show attendees how they can use simple frameworks – relating to their IT and school improvement plans – to get a strategic view and set priorities with their SLTs. Royden will also provide insights and examples from his work with schools (KS1 to KS5) using education technology to improve whole school outcomes – and, often, saving money.

Take home points:
  • Tips on reducing IT costs whilst retaining and improving IT effectiveness.
  • Techniques for business managers and senior leaders to get the most from IT resources to improve whole school outcomes.
  • IT improvement planning for non-technical people.
This session is for:
All school business managers and school leaders who want to lead in the digital transformation of education in their school – whatever the budget situation, this is achievable.

Royden is independent advisor at RightICT, providing consultancy and training on education technology, and working with senior leaders in schools, academy trusts and local authorities. Consistently delivering improvements for the whole school, together with significant cost savings, rapid results are achieved using the RightICT framework by linking the use of technology to whole school improvement plans. Royden is a business mentor for, advising edtech start-ups, is a chartered IT professional and a trustee at a secondary school in London.