Improving outcomes through the use of data and analytics

Royden Gothelf

Royden Gothelf, independent consultant, Right ICT

Big data is a familiar term – but there’s a difference between being familiar with its application and being strategic in its application. Making data-driven decisions is essential to driving improvement in your school or academy; are you confident that you have the skills and/or resources to do this effectively? In this session Royden will explore how insightful data analytics can help you and your school increase efficiencies and improve outcomes.

Take home points:
  • An opportunity to step back and think about how much more effective your IT could be in helping you to achieve your school development plan goals.
  • How technology can help your school improve its curriculum offer.
  • A real understanding of how to be strategic in your thinking about, an application of, big data.
  • How to start seeing technology as a resource to invest in by linking their technology to whole school outcomes.
This session is for:
School leaders with responsibility for, and/or an interest in, data and its strategic possibilities and huge, untapped potential.

Royden has spent more than 30 years focusing on the use of technology and data to deliver innovative changes in financial services and, more recently, education. He works as an independent advisor and offers advisory services under the RightICT name; he is also the founder and director of his own company, Bibsworth Ltd. His focus is on the strategic planning for, and cost-effectiveness of, technology used in teaching, learning, school management, the CPD of staff and linking the use of technology to whole school improvement plans. He has recently joined EDUCATE as a mentor for edtech start-ups, is a British Computer Society chartered IT professional and is a member of a highly successful single academy trust in Barnet, London.