Culinary delights: reassessing your school’s catering provision

Brian Herbert, business manager, and Mark Passarelli, catering manager, Ferrars, Junior School

Your school’s catering provision can be a bottomless funding pit; getting it right is essential to ensuring that every child receives a wholesome, hot meal without breaking your budget – or sacrificing quality. When business manager Brian Herbert came to put his school’s catering provision out to tender he was met with a bombardment of companies vying for his business – but would any be better than the existing provision? What input would the school have over services? Cost? Quality? This line of questioning led Brian on a culinary adventure – bringing their catering service in-house.

In this session, Brian – joined by catering manager Mark Passarelli – will discuss their shared passion: school catering. They will share their school catering adventure – what bringing the school’s catering provision in-house entailed, the benefits of collaborating with local schools, the support available, as well as the efficiencies and the culinary heights they’ve since reached.

They will also look at how you can make your own provision more efficient – whether in-house or third-party serviced – and what you need to know to ensure a quality provision that doesn’t eat into your budget.

Take home points:
  • assessing your catering provision;
  • considering catering companies;
  • weighing up the costs;
  • what transitioning to an in-house service entails;
  • ensuring efficiencies and realising savings;
  • collaboration across a number of schools – management and benefits.
  • This session is for:
    SBMs who want to improve the management and efficiency of their existing catering provision, and those who are considering putting their school’s catering provision out to tender or are looking for an alternative option.

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