Unlocking additional funding, realising your fundraising potential

Dr Rachel Gordon, funding consultant, head of School Funding Service

The education sector has felt the pinch of austerity; every cut matters and accessing (potentially) available funding is essential. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of your average school-day, the opportunity to access available funding can be missed – by not know the funding existed, how to apply, or simply not having the time to apply.

Dr Rachel Gordon is a funding consultant and heads up the School Funding Service. In this session she will provide you with key information on available grant programmes, guidance on approaches to fundraising and, importantly, give you advice on bid-writing. This session is all about improving your skills and giving you the resources you need to increase your success rate, take control of your grant fundraising strategy helping you to and realise those ambitious, hard-to-fund education projects.

Take home points:
Rachel will focus on:

  • sign-posting relevant grant programmes;
  • developing a fundraising approach, giving you clear guidance;
  • practical bid-advice.

This session is for:
Those who want to better understand what funding is available to schools through grants, as well as those who want to sharpen their approach to, and strategy around, fundraising. Rachel will give advice on bid-writing – for those who want to improve their technique in order to produce focused and on-point proposals – increasing success rates and winning new resources/funding for their students and schools.

Rachel Gordon has been helping schools find and apply for grants for over nine years. She has advised hundreds of schools on grant fundraising and written winning bids to secure funds for a wide range of projects from playgrounds and sports equipment, to after-school clubs and extended services.