Smooga Improve PE, Sports and Playground Safety

Smoogas are portable Multi Use Games Arenas – for all outside spaces. You can move them, change the size and shape, adapt them to suit different games and activities. A Smooga is a new, unique way of managing outside space

Smoogas remove conflicts in the playground, making better use of available space and creating safer environments. Football does not have to dominate your playground.

A smooga improves PE environments, promotes skills development, higher levels of inclusion, fun and engagement. A smooga is an arena- children love the feeling of being in a discrete space.

Smoogas are versatile and socially inclusive - used in schools all over the country for; Hockey, handball, football, smooga-snooker, movement and dance, scooting, drama, maths, roller-blading, cricket and more.

Our award winning company has a clear ethos for customer satisfaction, we have assembled every Smooga around the country so far, helping to make our customers’ experience unique, relaxed and fun.

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Smooga will be exhibiting at our Manchester event on February 1