Benchmarking: not a solution, but a tool

Portrait of Paul Leigh

Paul Leigh, CFO, Focus Trust

In the drive to continuously squeeze more from the limited resources schools have, benchmarking can play a key part. It is not a solution in its own right but, rather, a tool that can lead to insight, changed practices and improved efficiency. Paul Leigh’s seminar will focus on identifying what benchmarking can do for your school’s own situation, how to dig into the benefits and, most importantly, how to actually achieve those benefits.

Take home points:

  • Better understand what benchmarking is and how it works.
  • Explore how you can benefit from a highly useful tool.

This session is for:

Senior leaders and finance managers.

About the speaker:

Paul Leigh is a chartered accountant and is the chief financial officer at Focus-Trust. He is qualified in public practice and has worked in education for a number of years. He is passionate about how the role of finance can support school leaders in delivering higher levels of educational impact.

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What they say​

Fab as always - very informative - great to meet new people in the same boat. Gave me the information and renewed incentive to make a difference in my organisation by using/improving my skills.
Edwina Hurst
Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School