Coping with post pandemic stress – what are the key factors to consider?

Ross McWilliam holding his book

Ross McWilliam, freelance speaker and author

The arrival of the pandemic and the real threat to our work environments, and indeed our lives, has made many people acutely aware of their own stress levels, and the impact of these levels on our wellbeing.


However, with every threat, there is almost certainly an opportunity. In this case, this opportunity might take the form of a wholescale review of our current work-life balance, and the possible implementation of better ways to be and live. At the centre of this change must be our well-being and how we perceive and deal with stress.


The seminar will cover:


  • How and why some stress, is not only good for us, but is essential to our performance in life.
  • A review of the three factors which dominate stress production – FID: Frequency, Intensity and Duration.
  • How being aware of this ever-changing stress combination can put us at the front of the proactive curve to combat stress before it starts to become a negative factor.

Take home points:

  • Measurement techniques of stress that delegates can use to quickly measure stress levels.
  • Quick fix strategies to alleviate stress.
  • Longer term strategies based around five pillars which will enhance performance, health and enjoyment of life.

This session is for:

SBLs and school leaders


This session runs at our Edexec LIVE North and South event

About the speaker:

Ross McWilliam is a freelance speaker and mindset author with over 30 years experience empowering people in business, education and sport. He has been involved with formal education, firstly as a teacher of PE and ICT, then as a freelance trainer with all aspects associated with mindset and mental health and wellbeing. Ross has worked with over 1,000 schools and businesses and has a real passion for helping to develop and sustain professionals. He is an accredited adult and youth trainer with MHFA, has written several books on mindset, features frequently on regional and national media, and speaks at various national educational conferences.

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What they say​

Fab as always - very informative - great to meet new people in the same boat. Gave me the information and renewed incentive to make a difference in my organisation by using/improving my skills.
Edwina Hurst
Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School