Kickstart for the future: how schools can make a difference in young people's lives

Shan Moylan, CFO at LEO Academy Trust

Shan Moylan at LEO Academy Trust, shares her experiences of working with young people from the Kickstart Scheme and takes a look at both the benefits and potential pitfalls involved. To date LEO Academy Trust has employed over 60 Kickstarters in various roles in the trust.


COVID-19 has had a huge impact on job security and career opportunities, with many young people finding it very difficult to secure a position after graduating, others being made redundant or losing casual employment. The Kickstart Scheme is a way that employers can support the young people in their local community to gain valuable work experience and skills.


In this seminar Shan Moylan will explore:


  • What you need to know and do to run the Kickstart Scheme.
  • Identifying roles and understanding responsibilities.
  • Pitfalls and benefits of running the scheme.
  • Personal experiences of Kickstart employees.
  • Sustainability of the programme.

Take home points:

  • Understanding the Kickstart Scheme and what it involves.
  • Being able to identify the roles and support you can offer and sustain in your school/academy.
  • An overview of the support package needed for Kickstart employees.

This session is for:

SBMs and other school leaders


This session runs at our Edexec LIVE South event

About the speaker:

Shan has been a SBL for over 23 years specialising in primary schools and more recently a MAT with six primaries and nearly 3,500 pupils. She has experience of leading on finance, HR, ICT, premises, extended services and governance both at an individual school and trust level. Shan has just completed her Level 7 CIPFA Diploma in School Financial and Operational Leadership.

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What they say​

Fab as always - very informative - great to meet new people in the same boat. Gave me the information and renewed incentive to make a difference in my organisation by using/improving my skills.
Edwina Hurst
Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School