Edinburgh sees spike in school uniform grants

A rising need for financial assistance for families has led to a sharp rise in school uniform grants being handed out in Edinburgh

There has been a swift rise in school uniform grants in Edinburgh, according to the BBC.

The city has seen a 32% rise in the number of grants handed out by the council.

Figures show that there were 4,339 school clothing grants awarded in 2018.

In 2017, the number was 3,281. They have also risen to £100 per pupil – more than double what it was for all students.

This is due to a rise in requests for financial help from parents and families.

The Edinburgh School Uniform Bank received 427 applications for help, compared with 233 in the previous year.

Julia Grindley, Edinburgh School Uniform Bank trustee, said having the right uniform is important for the pupil.

“Any child going to school in the ‘wrong’ clothes is vulnerable to stigma, lack of confidence, social exclusion and poor engagement with school,” she said.

“Edinburgh School Uniform Bank seeks to tackle these issues early by providing new school uniform as well as essentials like school bags and stationery.

“Every child and young person deserves the chance to go into school with their heads held high, fitting in with their peers and ready to do their best.

“We need the support of the local community to make sure that every child in Edinburgh has someone buying a new set of school uniform for them. Nobody should have to go without.”

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