Eligibility for academic mentors

How can schools and academy trusts apply for subsidised tutoring as part of the national tutoring programme to help pupils catch up on missed learning?

The national tutoring programme supports disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils, from Years 1 to 11, to catch up on missed education due to COVID-19.

Academic mentors are graduates or teachers who undergo intensive training before being placed in a school; they are salaried members of staff who will work alongside existing school staff to provide subject-specific work, revision lessons and additional support. Academic mentors are available through the national tutoring programme and form one of the three subsidised tutoring options.


To ensure the DfE are reaching as many pupils as possible, they have reviewed their eligibility criteria for academic mentor support. State-funded schools and academy trusts in one of the qualifying local authority districts prioritised for raising school standards can apply for an academic mentor and receive funding to subsidise the cost. Schools or academy trusts that are not based in a qualifying area, but have 30% or more of their pupils eligible for free school meals, are also eligible for support.

Contact the DfE via email at [email protected] for further information.


The subsidy rate for the 2021-22 academic year will be 95%. The remaining costs will be funded by using, for example, the recovery premium or pupil premium.

How to apply

Register with the national tutoring programme to apply for an academic mentor.

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