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Why this is not the time for presenteeism

30th March 2020
Opinions on working from home, and antiquated perceptions of presenteeism, could finally be changing as a result of COVID-19. Leadership expert, equality campaigner and author Hira Ali believes that the culture of presenteeism is, rightly, [read more]

Juggling life as a working mother

26th March 2020
It was Mother’s Day this Sunday, the one day in the year dedicated to celebrating all of the mothers in our lives. If you are a mother yourself, you will know that one of the [read more]

How are you unleashing potential during 2020?

23rd March 2020
As school business professionals, 2020 should bring new opportunities for us – we just need help making them happen Given the increased status and profile the school resource management programme has given to the work [read more]

Time to turn schools upside-down and inside-out

11th March 2020
Malcolm Groves and John West-Burnham, authors of Flipping Schools, offer a radical re-think on traditional approaches to school improvement, focusing on the education of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and often overlooked children in society. Their [read more]

Take me down to the garden city

9th March 2020
A new school in a new city demands a new way of thinking. We spoke to Joanne Wilkinson-Tabi, headteacher at a soon-to-open primary school in the garden city of Ebbsfleet, about her leadership strategy for [read more]

COVID-19 – what to tell children

1st April 2020

With children having access to social media – where misinformation is rife – how can you communicate to them the vital importance of being vigilant during the current pandemic? It may be proving very difficult [read more]