Get your school involved in Global Recycling Day 2019

The second annual Global Recycling Day is set to take place on 18 March 2019. We look at some of the ways schools can get involved and become global recycling citizens 

Global Recycling Day is an international initiative, run by the Global Recycling Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of recycling in preserving the future of our planet.

This year’s theme, ‘Recycling into the Future’, is focused on the power of youth and education in ensuring a sustainable future – and there are several ways to get involved. Children and schools across the globe can join the worldwide movement as we build up to Global Recycling Day 2019 and become global recycling citizens.

Activities include pledging to stick to better recycling habits by committing to the foundation’s ‘Global Recycling Citizen’ promises, and/or taking part in the #RecyclingGoals challenge. In addition, educational packs to run recycling-based lessons in schools are available, with recommendations for activities, events and more.

Here’s how your school can get involved in Global Recycling Day 2019.

Use the Global Recycling Day education packs in classrooms
The education pack is designed to make it easy for teachers to plan a lesson around recycling on 18 March 2019 – inspiring their students with the power of recycling. The packs outline various ways in which classrooms can take part in the worldwide celebrations through lesson plans and activities. It can be downloaded from the Global Recycling Day website on the Youth & Education page and includes recycling resources such as:

Encourage students to be better global recycling citizens
The information on the ‘seven recycling promises needed to become a global recycling citizen’ is easy to download and share; it can be accessed via the Global Recycling Day website. The aim is for children, schools and families to download and use these as inspiring messages and motivators to help the recycling industry. 

The seven recycling promises to become a global recycling citizen are:

  1. Use fewer things made of plastic – How can I use fewer things made of plastic, and recycle those that cannot be reused? Things like drinking bottles, straws and plastic bags.
  2. Help friends follow the recycling rules –Am I making sure myself and my family, my friends and my school follow our local recycling instructions?
  3. Repair and reuse old things – Do I really need everything to be new – am I mending, repairing and reusing the things I own (e.g. clothes, toys, games)?
  4. Only put clean, dry items in my recycling box –Am I doing all I can to make sure the stuff we recycle is dry, clean and in the right collection bins each week?
  5. Look online and share with friends –How can I learn more about recycling, and how can I help my family and my friends be more aware?
  6. Don’t forget other materials –Do I know how to recycle things, like electronics, when I no longer want them?
  7. Remember to recycle packaging –Do I recycle packaging when I open and use new things?
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Run a #RecyclingGoals challenge
#RecyclingGoals is a social media movement, running in the lead-up to Global Recycling Day, which harnesses the global language of football to promote better recycling.

Social media users are asked to take a video of themselves scoring a ‘Top Bins’ goal whilst pledging to make a long-term commitment to better recycling practices – e.g. I pledge to recycle all my plastic drinking bottles from today and I nominate John Smith to take the #RecyclingGoals challenge’. Participants are then encouraged to share their videos on social media using the #RecyclingGoals hashtag. The education pack includes more details and a graphic illustrating the #RecyclingGoals concept so that schools can take part.

Schools, teachers and students are also encouraged to share their activities on Global Recycling Day using #GlobalRecyclingDay, #RecyclingGoals, #GRDschools and tagging @GlbRecyclingDay on Twitter, and @globalrecyclingday on Facebook and Instragram.

According to the foundation, the guide detailing the activities and ideas makes it easy for teachers and students to celebrate Global Recycling Day and learn about the importance of recycling in looking after the future of our planet. Following the success of the inaugural Global Recycling Day, in 2018, the organisation is committed to focusing 2019 on youth and education and encouraging the world to look towards the impact that today’s young people can have on recycling.

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