Investment minister champions UK education sector

The investment minister celebrated the UK’s education sector last week at Bett

Graham Stuart, the investment minister, celebrated the UK’s pioneering education sector at Bett last week.

This celebration comes alongside the news that the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA) has partnered with its Lebanese counterpart to help improve the educational outcomes of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

Signed at Bett, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) shared with the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) will develop innovation in education in Lebanon and facilitate digital transformation development.

Graham Stuart, Minister for Investment, said: “I’m delighted to see so many UK companies represented at Bett, showcasing our pioneering EdTech and educational supplies sector. The agreement signed today between BESA and PCA is a fantastic example of how UK expertise can benefit educational outcomes in countries across the world.

“Bett will undoubtedly provide many more excellent opportunities for UK companies to take forward existing relationships and find new global partners, and the Department for International Trade is here to help any business looking to deepen its international links.”

Caroline Wright, Director General, BESA, added: “We are honoured to be entering into an MoU with our counterparts, the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon. It is clear from our recent trade mission to Beirut, and subsequent follow-up visits, that there are exciting opportunities for the PCA and BESA to combine forces and develop educational initiatives that can both benefit Lebanese pupils, alongside pupils across the region.

“This partnership would not have been possible were it not for the combined efforts of the UK’s Department for International Trade and Department for International Development.

“It is a paradigm example of how joined-up government can help benefit British commercial interests, as well as helping to drive up the quality of education of pupils, which in this instance includes large numbers of refugees in the region that Lebanon has so generously taken in.

“Sincere thanks must also go to the Lebanese Ministry of Education for being so welcoming to our member companies and being so open to engagement with British educational suppliers.”

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