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What does a streamlined procurement process that can save you time and money look like? Would improved CPD help you to manage that process? Would it help to engage members of the wider school community? How can schools save time and procure at best value?

Together with our partner, GLS Educational Supplies, we’re undertaking research into smarter procurement and ways to improve value and efficiency.

Your insights are essential, so please spare just a few short minutes to TAKE OUR SURVEY before the survey closes!

The National Audit Office’s (NAO) 2017 report, Financial sustainability in schools, advised that mainstream schools needed to make £3 billion in ‘efficiency savings’ by 2019-20. It estimated that £1.7bn could be made by managing staff more efficiently and a further £1.3 billion could be saved through better procurement.

This was said against a backdrop of increasing pupil numbers, real-terms reductions in per pupil funding and increasing on-costs – the Department for Education (DfE) estimated the impact of which equates to a cut of eight per cent per student by 2019-20. There has been a government-led focus on smart procurement ever since – supported by the schools buying strategy and additional tools and information published.

However, about that £1.3bn of savings through better procurement…. how are SBMs – on whom the responsibility falls – improving value and efficiency in order to make the necessary savings?

EdExec and GLS are undertaking research to better understand the procurement experience and the challenges faced, to identify how it can be streamlined to improve efficiency, reduce costs and give you back some time.

Our findings will be published in a white paper and shared with the sector.

The survey closes soon, so please take a moment to take the survey!

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