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How can you help stop cyber-attacks in your school?

Back in May 2018 when the new GDPR regulations came into force every client we had was thrown into a tailspin as people panicked over the likely increase in cost and time to make sure their organisation was compliant.

Now, although GDPR isn’t necessarily simple, it is a fact of life that we have all got used to. In part that is because we are all very aware of the threats posed by data breaches and cyber crime.

But the education sector cannot afford to relax for one minute!

The recent government survey into cyber breaches was alarming, with 36% of primary schools, 58% of secondary schools and a staggering 75% of FE colleges reporting some form of breach or cyber attack.

At the very least these attacks have led to more than 50% of staff resources being temporarily diverted to deal with the breaches and, as we all know, the education system cannot afford this.

The good news is that the survey shows the education sector is right on top of this with over 90% of school leaders taking cyber security very seriously and we want to help.

Filestream, a leading provider of Electronic Document Management Software, in partnership with Fujitsu, the number one scanner manufacturer globally, is committed to helping the education sector maintain, and indeed enhance, security whilst at the same time improving efficiency through workflow processes, document filing and retrieval.

Our latest Filestream 5 software is now available and, from only £175 pcm for five users, it is affordable to even the smallest primary schools. If it saves you from just one breach or attack and protects the confidentiality of your pupils’ records, it is worth it…. and of course, it will do so much more than that!

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