Numbers of school pupils with knives a 'national crisis'

The number of pupils caught in West Midlands schools in 2017/18 hit 100

Figures released by the West Midlands Police – and published by Express & Star – show that over 100 pupils under the age of 18 were caught with a knife or another sharp weapon at school in the area in 2017/18.

Five years prior to that, the number was just 23.

Overall, between 2012 and 2018, 375 children were caught with bladed weapons at school in the West Midlands.

In the wider West Midlands, the vast majority of reports were at schools in Birmingham, with 110 reports in Birmingham East and 107 reports in Birmingham West.

The local police have now introduced knife arches to detect pupils carrying knives.

Liberal Democrat campaigner, Leyla Abbes, said: “These figures must be a wake up call for everyone. Children carrying knifes is a horrific indictment of society.

“Passing more laws won’t be enough as we need real action at every level from families to councils and the police.

“We all need to do something to fix this national crisis.”

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