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Yet another summer has flown by, and the new academic year has started again; where does the time go?! I hope you managed to enjoy some well-earned time off at some point over the summer holidays, allowing you to hit the ground running, refreshed and ready for when pupils return again. After two of the most challenging academic years in living memory, I think we are all hoping the 2021/22 year throws fewer hurdles in our direction – but, no-one is more experienced at delivering miracles and coming up with solutions to problems than the SBM. Whatever this academic year may bring, I know you will all continue to thrive in the face of adversity and not let your never-ending to-do list defeat you.

We kick off by looking at the issue of sexual harassment in schools, and follow with the latest SEN statistics from the DfE. Kier Glover tells us what it was like starting a new role as an SBM just before the pandemic began, and his hopes for this month, and Samantha Fuell, another SBM who started her first role during the pandemic, shares her experience of  being thrown in at the deep end.

After being kept apart for so long, we take a timely look at how to become an effective networker now that things are opening up again, and Val Andrew gives her advice on how CPD can be achieved in the new normal. Talking of the new normal, the WORKING SBM discusses how, after the chaos of the last two years, back to school looks very different this year.

As always, we have our experts on hand to give you top-notch advice; Helen Burge discusses how you can put sustainability front and centre of your procurement process, Simon Hepburn explains how you can bring your community back together again and Sue Edwards tells us how to keep SBM groups functioning during the pandemic and beyond – and we go on to explore how you can join, or even create, your own SBP network.

We consider how flexible working could look in your school, how you can assess your school’s ICT needs and how digital learning is changing the role of the teacher. We wrap the issue up with our fun LIVE IT section and Maggie Duncan takes 60 SECONDS to talk to us about what the best colour of a unicorn really is.

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