Planning budgets in a post-COVID world

Sue Birchall, long-standing school business leader, on how to plan budgets post-pandemic

Having lived through the last 18 months, facing all sorts of challenges and frustrations, we are now (hopefully) moving back to some kind of normality. Our industry has maintained momentum throughout and is to be congratulated for that, supported by our school business leaders.

Granted there are no guarantees that we won’t take a step backwards but with academies starting their new budget year and maintained schools almost half-way through theirs, it is time to steady the boat. We have been in receipt of new streams of funding which, whilst always gratefully received are not always easy to manage. The short-term nature of most of these brings its own challenges around sustainability and the effect on our strategic planning.

SBLs are at the heart of these, which I like to think develops what I call our ‘psychic gene’ – the ability to predict and manage the future of funding for our schools. The need for our schools to understand the relationship between core purpose, outcomes and funding remains and in my session at EdExec this year we will discuss the importance of strategic planning and the link with this. I look forward to seeing you there.

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