Plymouth pupils design banner in bid to stop engine idling

As reported by BBC News, two schools have won a competition for designing a banner that raises awareness about air quality

Ernesettle Community School and Mary Dean’s Primary School, in Plymouth, won the competition, with schools entering from across the city. The two designs, which urge drivers to switch off their engines while waiting at schools. have been put on one banner and will be displayed across the city. The campaign is part of the council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Noah, who designed one of the entries, said: “It made me want to inspire people to not use gas so much, to help our environment and all the wildlife we have.”

Ruby, who helped design the other entry, said people should not “drive cars, [but] ride bikes” instead.

“Because then our air would get cleaner, and not dirtier,” she added.

Launching the campaign at both schools, councillor Jonathan Drean said: “The best thing we can all do to improve air quality outside schools is to leave the car at home and walk, cycle or scoot to school.

“Fewer cars on the school run benefits the environment and makes the roads safer for everyone – and active travel is great for our health and fitness too.

“I’m sure it [the banner] will be very effective in encouraging those people who do have to drive to school to switch their engines off when waiting near the school gate.”

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