Plymouth school plans to close and move to brand new site

A Plymstock school in need of modernisation hopes to move onto a new estate in order to ensure a new school doesn’t open

According to Plymouth Live, Dunstone Primary School may move to a new site in an effort to stop another school from being opened.
Developers at a new housing estate, Saltram Meadows, have to build a school at the site in order to ensure the increase in families doesn’t put undue strain on the local schools. However, Dunstone aims to move into the area instead to ensure that a new school can’t create further competition.
The school has launched a public consultation regarding its plans to move. The site of the housing estate is only a mile away from Dunstone’s current site, and would allow pupils to benefit from a more modern school with better technology and resources.
Dunstone Primary was identified as the school in the area most in need of modernisation, and which would benefit the most from relocating to the new site.
Plans for the new site include a nursery, sports field and forest area. The new school site will cost £7m.
If the proposal is agreed, the new school building will open ready for the next school year in September 2019.
Kate Patrick, headteacher at Dunstone Primary School, said:
“I am very excited by the proposed new school facilities, which will significantly enhance the learning opportunities for the children of Dunstone Primary and offer new opportunities to members of our local community.
“Our core school values and ethos will relocate with us to the new site, and I want to reassure parents and children that this move will safeguard the future of our school community, and open up access to a fully-modernised school environment that all pupils will benefit from.
“Looking to the future, we realise that a lot of parents nearby will be excited about the prospect of their children attending a brand new school in Plymstock.”
Councillor Jon Taylor, cabinet member for education, skills and transformation at Plymouth City Council, added:
“Young people in Plymouth deserve the best possible start in life and this chance for Dunstone Primary School to receive the investment and modernisation that it needs is going to transform the learning environment for children in the school.
“I’m happy to see that a solution has been reached to create a new school for Saltram Meadow in a way that won’t detract from the work being done by the other existing schools in Plymstock.”
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