Priorities outlined for Scottish Border schools

A priorities list has been compiled for Scottish Border schools, outlining which schools are getting how much funding

According to the BBC, the priority list for investing in four secondary schools in the Scottish Borders has been put together and plans are underway.

Councillors plan to pour millions into these schools, after three of them were found to need serious repairs.

Galashiels Academy is the main priority; there are plans for a £62m campus by 2023.

Hawick is next on the list, with costs estimated at more than £95m and the opening targeted for 2026. It has been placed second due to issues such as flood risk.

Selkirk and Peebles are also set to receive major upgrades.

Council leader, Shona Haslam, added that it was continually reviewing its school estate to ensure it was “fit for purpose” for young people, staff and local communities.

The council aims to replace all four schools with new facilities within 15 years.

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