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Editor's Choice

From the magazine: Writing by algorithms

25th September 2018

Technology is applied in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. In the past we’ve examined how it can support communication and engage students. For the September issue of Education Executive, guest writer Jilian Wood investigated [read more]

From the magazine: no more notes

11th September 2018
How far we have come! The digital-revolution has brought communications literally into the palm of our hand – the smartphone has become essential and is revolutionising the way we communicate. It’s time schools caught up [read more]

From the magazine: The economics of education

5th September 2018
What is economics? What bearing does it have on school management? In the June/July issue of Education Executive, Stephen Mitchell, chief operating officer at the Spencer Academies Trust, Nottingham, explored economics, demonstrating its relevance to the SBL role and [read more]

From the magazine: Hey big spender! (Part ii)

24th July 2018
With public money comes public accountability. In the June/July issue of Education Executive two of our contributors explored the stipulations and considerations associated with spending public money as well as addressing questions of accountability and compliant procurement Last week, Sue Birchall, [read more]