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Editor's Choice

From the magazine; Rallying the troops

11th December 2018

Time and money are two very finite resources in schools; in fact, according to recent academic research, more than four in ten Kent primary schools are now dependent on fundraising to deliver basic education – [read more]

From the magazine; Cloudy with a chance of change

4th December 2018
‘The times they are a-changin’…’ the Bob Dylan song goes, a certain truth within the school business management profession. How can school business leaders best adapt to a rapidly changing education landscape? Val Andrew, formerly [read more]

The challenge of leading a rural school

21st November 2018
The Key for School Leaders has published its 2018 report, The challenges of leading a rural school. In its wide-ranging research it found that, despite accounting for 20% of all schools in England, there’s a [read more]

From the magazine: The future is green

20th November 2018
In the current climate schools must be more environmentally and economically savvy. When it comes to energy a sustainable option is often the best long-term option. Education Executive catches up with energy experts to discuss [read more]

From the magazine; A stitch in time

13th November 2018
An audit verifies that the systems and applications you have in place are appropriate, efficient and adequately controlled to ensure a reliable, efficient and secure service. What do you need to know when it comes [read more]