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From the magazine: A refined balancing act

10th July 2018
As budgets tighten, the utilisation of staff and the accurate forecasting of costs are critical to managing your school’s most valuable resource – your people! The Thinking Schools Academy Trust (TSAT) takes a strategic approach [read more]

From the magazine; no SBM is an island

26th June 2018
Each year new challenges arise within the education sector and, each year, those who manage and lead our schools and academies rise to the occasion. As the role of the school business leader has evolved [read more]

From the magazine: The art of delegation

19th June 2018
We are all guilty of over burdening ourselves – assuming all the responsibility – because, ‘Who else can do it?’ In the May issue of Education Executive, Andrew Blench, school business management consultant at School Business Partner, suggested that [read more]