Rhyl High School to close over cladding concerns

CREDIT:This story was first seen on BBC News
A Denbighshire school will be closed for the rest of the week as “a precautionary measure” due to concerns about cladding on the building, BBC News reports.
The county council said cladding at Rhyl High School was made by the same company that provided cladding for London’s Grenfell Tower.
It said there was nothing to suggest an increase in risk of fire at the school.
But in a letter to parents, head teacher Claire Armistead said she was not willing to risk children’s safety.
Rhyl High School, which has 1,200 pupils, opened in April last year at a cost of £25m.
The council said the school would be closed on Thursday and Friday while a full risk assessment and review of the safety management is carried out.
In a statement, it said: “The council believes that the fire safety measures and extensive checks carried out as part of the new building works at Rhyl High School were sound.”
In her letter to parents, Ms Armistead said the school already had firebreaks, a full coverage fire alarm and sprinkler systems.
She also pointed out the school was not high rise or residential, adding: “I’m sure you understand that I have not made this decision quickly or easily.”
The council said it was “confident” any aluminium cladding panels used on council buildings represented a minor risk.
But it said it would review the fire risk assessments in place, where these products have been used.
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