Should private schools be abolished?

Do independent schools still have a place in England?

The topic of independent schools and what they offer to pupils in England has been up for very public debate in the past few months; concerns over the disadvantage gap in education, the fact that state school-educated people will often earn thousands less than their privately-educated counterparts, and the bias affecting both sides of the coin have all come under scrutiny.

So, is time that the long-standing tradition of private schools is made a thing of the past? Should they be abolished?

In August The Guardian released a video exploring this topic. A disproportionate number of people occupying the top jobs in the country were privately educated, and anti-independent school campaigners believe private schools are long-outdated.

Maya Goodfellow explores the case for scrapping independent schools. What do you think? @edexec

To watch the video click here.

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