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The role of SBM is always evolving – one way you can keep up with the changes, and be the best leaders you can be, is by reading the work of experts and peers

This time last year GLS Educational Supplies published a list of ‘Smart reads for smart SBMs’. We wanted to, once again, draw attention to this list (just in time for your friends and family to make last-minute Christmas purchases for you!) and add in a couple of our own recommendations…

School Business Manager’s Handbook – Hayley Dunn

This is a book that will empower you to be the best version of yourself. Aimed at SBMs, and written by a former SBM who now works for the ASCL, Hayley shares practical advice that will support school business managers at every step of their day-to-day working lives. Additionally, it details the importance of being a leader who knows their value and can clearly communicate their impact.

Eat That Frog! Get More of The Important Things Done Today – Brian Tracy

This book claims that successful people don’t try to do everything – instead they focus on making sure that the most important tasks get done. The aim of this book is to drill down into the heart of effective time management and personal discipline – something we all need more of!

Leadership: Plain and Simple – Steve Radcliffe

We publish a leadership article by Steve Radcliffe in this month’s magazine – take a look. In his book, he examines the reasons why leadership should be kept simple and practical, while explaining why all of us should see ourselves as leaders.

School Budget Mastery – Julie Cordiner and Nikola Flint

Who doesn’t need more help with budgeting? This book takes the reader from goal-setting to preparing and monitoring budgets throughout the year, ensuring that you make the most of your budget and resources. It features advice on legal requirements and sources of income that you may not have previously considered.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

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This famous book guides readers through dealing with difficult professional situations and looks at developing your career and forming collaborative relationships for the betterment of your own role, the team around you, the school more broadly, and the pupils.

Leadership Matters: How Leaders at All Levels Create Great Schools – Andy Buck

Andy’s book encourages leaders – at all levels – to think about their own personal qualities and their leadership approach, as well as how to be better in every aspect of their role.

Management Mess to Leadership Success – Scott Miller

We published an extract from Scott’s book in October’s issue, to whet your appetites, which focused on how you might be damaging your credibility by having too many unfulfilled commitments; his book outlines 30 challenges that can enable you to become the type of leader you wish to be.

Leading in a Culture of Change – Michael Fullan

This book is for seasoned SBMs and newbies alike, exploring how the education and leadership landscapes are changing, and presenting innovative approaches for navigating those changes. Michael Fullan describes his ‘five core competencies’ which will help keep you on top of change through mutually beneficial relationships, setting a vision – and more.

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell explains and analyses the ‘tipping point’ in this book – that magic moment when ideas, trends and social behaviour tip over and spread like wildfire, and the social dynamics that cause rapid change. A great read.

GLS and EdExec Smarter Procurement white paper

Forgive the plug, but the Smarter Procurement white paper we produced in conjunction with GLS Educational Supplies provides huge volumes of insight by examining the ‘pinch points’ that SBMs face, and identifying how the procurement function can be streamlined to improve efficiency, reduce costs and give back some precious time. Read it here.

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