Special needs school meets with parents over 'weak' services

As reported by the BBC, an Aberdeen school has been accused of putting children at risk and has since met with parents to discuss improvements

A meeting has been held at special needs school, Orchard Brae, in Aberdeen following an Education Scotland report which claims practices there put children at risk.

Aberdeen County Council labelled the findings ‘disappointing’. Parents were invited to discuss the issue.

One parent told BBC Scotland: “There is going to be a lot of learning for everyone but I just think that the staff at the school are phenomenal.”

Her comment followed the meeting where the city council and management briefed parents on how improvements will be made.

An action plan has been put in place to address areas of weakness such as quality of care, environment, staffing and leadership.

A parent council member whose daughter attends the school, said: “The management at the school have told us they have now set up online training courses and chat rooms with specialists in other similar schools so that they can share information and learning experiences.

“Every parent present greatly values and respects the staff at Orchard Brae.

“We do appreciate that our school is a new one, and that some of the points raised in the report will only help our school grow stronger.”

Councillor John Wheeler said: “The findings outlined in the Orchard Brae School inspection report are disappointing and it is clear we have work to do to fulfil the ambitions for the school and its pupils.

“Our priority is to ensure every young person in the city has the opportunity to thrive and we are committed to moving forward in a positive and proactive manner.”

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