Tablet technology: Reuse, recycle, reduce…costs

Tablets are becoming a core component for teaching and learning; they allow for flexibility in the classroom and, for students growing more digitally orientated, they are an engaging educational tool. But where budgets might not stretch to a brand-new tablet for every student perhaps affordability comes in the form of refurbished IT. Bill Champness, Managing Director, Hardware Associates, considers this alternative

Given the attractive benefits of tablets, an increasing number of education establishments are considering investing in them – viewing them as an additional resource that teachers and pupils can use to support their studies. As such, many procurement managers and IT department heads are turning to the likes of Apple, Samsung and HP to buy brand-new, entry-level tablets in bulk and these are proving to be costly and impacting available budget for other technology provisions.

A welcome alternative

What many procurement managers don’t realise is that reconditioned tablets are a viable option for schools and offer the same spec and quality as the ones bought direct from well-known vendors – but at a much lower cost.
For example, let’s say a school wanted 150 tablets for students to use. If these were bought directly from a known vendor the cost price would be significant – in the region of £55,000. If, however, 150 reconditioned tablets were purchased the total cost would be likely to be closer to £27,000 – an important saving where budgets are increasingly stretched.

As good as new – with a warranty

If we compare like-for-like equipment, an entry level Apple iPad Pro with a one year warranty could cost nearly £400 but a refurbished Apple iPad, Generation 4, with a one year warranty costs roughly half of that – around £195. So, you’re not only getting a big cost saving but a better equipment spec too.

A case for refurbished technology

Tablets are a costly trend for schools and rather than purchasing this infrastructure at full price, refurbished IT offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality, after care support or warranty. Refurbished IT hardware and its supporting equipment is rigorously tested and provided with long-term after warranty care which takes away the fear of purchasing reconditioned computers, laptops and tablets.
We are working with a number of secondary schools at the moment which want to provide tablets to each pupil as well as to those teaching and supporting those pupils on their education pathway. The wide range of refurbished tablet options means they can choose how they want to start their tablet journey and also offers upgrades and improvements which enable schools to evolve and grow their tablet infrastructure as and when they need to, all at much lower cost.
It’s about facilitating education and making substantial savings that can be re-directed into other areas and additional resources to the benefit of both students and schools.
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