Comparing the SBM role to a decade ago

20th February 2020

A lot can change in 10 years. For example, we’ve had a total of eight general elections and large referendums and eight royal babies since 2010. But how has the role of a school business [read more]

Carrying out an effective restructure

18th February 2020

Implementing a staff restructure can be difficult but, sometimes, it’s necessary – here’s some guidance on how to do it well Restructuring is often an incredibly daunting task; it takes huge amounts of time and [read more]

From the magazine: The power of wanderlust

2nd September 2019

In the June/July edition of ‘A light-hearted view from the Engine Room’ WORKING SBM shared the travel analogy she adopts when change is afoot – and offers five steps to help you approach that change [read more]

Make big changes at work or home

15th February 2019

Jean Gamester looks at the four steps you need to take to make a big change in your business or personal life – and relates each step to her own experience of making a major, [read more]