Could solar energy be right for your school?

15th November 2019

Brookside Academy in Street, Somerset, is now making £4,000 a year in savings thanks to a trailblazing partnership with its local energy co-operative. Business manager, Sandra Cinicola, explains how and why they got involved Our [read more]

Five surprising signs you’re stressed

28th March 2019

Beth Gibbons looks at five warning signs that could indicate stress CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which appeared on the Healthy website. Many of the conditions that doctors see are symptoms [read more]

10 natural ways to boost your energy

13th March 2019

Next time fatigue starts to set in, avoid the caffeine and try one of these simple tricks to give your body a little more ‘oomph’ CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which [read more]

Energy savings: it’s all about shopping around

16th April 2018

According to the Carbon Trust schools could reduce energy consumption by around £44m per year – an environmentally-friendly cost saving. But how can schools make these energy-efficient savings? New research highlights that the answer could [read more]