The cyber security skills gap

24th February 2020

Recent research from LGfL has revealed an urgent need for cyber-security training within schools – what is the impact of not having staff with cyber-security expertise? Gary Henderson, ANME member and director of IT at [read more]

Bett 2020: the highlights

13th February 2020

We touch on some of the highlights of this year’s Bett show, and introduce Bett’s own overview of the three-day event For three days at the Excel in London (20-22 January), exhibitors and experts discussed [read more]

The edtech revolution

10th February 2020

Edtech’s impact on education continues to grow, and it is revolutionising the sector. However, education is still late to the party, as other sectors are much more technologically advanced. So, what does the edtech revolution [read more]

Economical edtech

7th February 2020

The British Educational Suppliers Association have reported that the biggest challenge for secondary schools when it comes to edtech is budget constraints. Here are a few ways you can make your edtech budget stretch further [read more]

Boosting back-office technology

20th January 2020

How up-to-date is your back-office IT? How could it be improved? We spoke to SBMs about recent improvements to their back-office tech, and the advantages they’ve seen It’s notoriously difficult in any busy organisation to [read more]

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