How to improve your self-esteem

27th February 2020

How we see and value ourselves can have a huge impact on our outlook. We share ways you can explore to boost your self-esteem and start viewing yourself (and the world around you) in a [read more]

Eating to improve your mental health

26th February 2020

Nutritional therapist Beanie Robinson answers your questions on eating for mental health CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on Happiful What should I be eating during my period to [read more]

How gardening can help you flourish

21st February 2020

Whether it’s growing your own veg, tending to some pot-plants, or mowing the lawn, Emma Shearer explains how getting outside in the garden can really plant the seeds of positive mental wellbeing CREDIT: This is [read more]

Fueling the work day the right way

17th February 2020

Staying motivated and productive at work all day can be hard, but it’s not impossible. There are lots of things you can do to help yourself – and your colleagues – fuel your day to [read more]

The role that food plays in our lives

3rd February 2020

From supporting our mental health, to its impact on the planet, we look beyond food’s physical composition to see the different roles it plays in our lives CREDIT: This is an edited version of an [read more]

How to say no in the workplace

31st January 2020

None of us like being ‘that friend’ – the one who’s always saying no and letting people down. But sometimes, for our own mental health and wellbeing, we need to learn how to set healthy [read more]

Breaking a bad habit

29th January 2020

Snoozing your alarm 10 times, biting nails, procrastinating endlessly? It’s easy to fall into bad habits, but how do we develop them and, most importantly, how do we stop? CREDIT: This is an edited version [read more]

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