Forced academisation ‘like a dictatorship’

28th January 2019

As reported by The Guardian, parents are responding to the forced academisation of schools, with one commenting that “it’s like a dictatorship’ Communities are hitting out against forced school takeovers, with one person stating that [read more]

Damian Hinds calls for more schools to academise

24th January 2019

Damian Hinds is calling for more schools to become academies, stating that they boast ‘freedom and opportunities’ The damning news from the Public Accounts Committee outlining the issues inherent in academies has correlated with a [read more]

Do CEOs need teaching experience?

26th November 2018

The relatively new role of MAT CEO in the education system has sparked debate about the kind of skill set needed to be effective in this challenging job CREDIT: This story was first seen in [read more]

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