NEU comment on Labour plans for early education

12th November 2019

The National Education Union have commented on Labour’s plans to spend £1bn on opening 1,000 new early years centres Commenting on the Labour’s commitment to invest in early years education, Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of [read more]

NEU launches Super Saturdays

11th November 2019

During the general election the National Education Union will be holding a series of Super Saturday events explaining the facts about education funding The first two are in Chipping Barnet and Kensington. Chipping Barnet Leafletting [read more]

NEU publishes underfunding school ‘league table’

9th November 2019

The National Education Union has published a ‘league table’ of underfunding for schools, showing what is at stake constituency-by-constituency in this general election The league table underscores the “deep damage” being done to England’s schools. [read more]

NEU comment on Early Education Update

4th November 2019

The Department for Education have released a written statement stating that they plan to spend over £3.6m in 2020-21 to support nurseries and childminders The Update states that the Department will increase the hourly funding [read more]

NEU comment on upcoming general election

1st November 2019

The UK’s main parties are preparing for a general election which will take place on 12 December It has only been two-and-a-half years since the last general election, but after MPs supported a pre-Christmas election [read more]

Unions comment on Education Committee SEND report

24th October 2019

As reported by the BBC, the Commons Education Committee said the government had set councils up to fail by upping parents’ expectations while cutting council budgets overall The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities report stated [read more]

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