Is the UK ready for a freelance workforce?

12th June 2020

The UK and EU economy is fast becoming increasingly reliant on the freelance workforce’s contribution. The coronavirus has accelerated this transition to flexible working, but before the pandemic people had already began to see the [read more]

The benefits of flexible working

1st June 2020

Flexible working is the benefit at the top of almost every employee’s wish list. From potential candidates to long-term employees, juniors to executives, flexible working is the job benefit of choice CREDIT: This is an [read more]

Working from home… with kids

29th April 2020

You’re working from home and your kids are off school – they’re bored, and you’re busy. So how do you balance the two? Working from home when you’re not used to it can be challenging [read more]

Home office essentials

28th April 2020

We are living through an unprecedented situation right now, and it’s affecting all of our lives on many levels. The real difficulty comes when trying to manage our lives, both personally and professionally – and [read more]

Caring for your remote employees

27th April 2020

There’s a fine line between managing your team, and truly caring for them during a very difficult and uncertain time in our history. A good boss does both, and this will pay dividends in the [read more]

How isolation can impact physical and mental health

27th April 2020

As reported by The Guardian, as countries across the globe hunker down, long-term isolation can have profound physical and psychological effects As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, millions of people are coming to terms with being increasingly [read more]

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