The issues surrounding SEND funding

19th December 2019

The issue of SEND has been one of the most reported on educational topics in the news in recent months – but what is really going on? Over the last few months the educational news [read more]

Unions comment on Education Committee SEND report

24th October 2019

As reported by the BBC, the Commons Education Committee said the government had set councils up to fail by upping parents’ expectations while cutting council budgets overall The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities report stated [read more]

SEND pupils are losing out

17th October 2019

Education and support for SEND pupils is in crisis due to funding cuts – how is this manifesting itself? The funding shortfall for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) keeps growing, nationwide, and [read more]

Unions weigh in on unexplained pupil exits

14th October 2019

Researchers from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) found one in 10 pupils who sat their GCSEs in 2017 experienced an “unexplained exit” at some point during their secondary school career Research into “off-rolling” from schools in England has found [read more]

Schools needed to take part in three new trials

10th October 2019

A new trial will find out if taking part in enrichment activities like sports clubs and community volunteering can boost attainment and attributes like teamwork and social responsibility, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has announced [read more]

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