How to prioritise your workload

11th October 2019

Prioritising day-to-day jobs is no mean feat; we took to Twitter to ask the SBM community how they do it… Prioritising workloads is always difficult and, no matter how varied the SBM role may be, [read more]

Give yourself a ‘brain break’

12th June 2019

Authors of The Creative Thinking Handbook, Melina Costi and Chris Griffiths, explain how ‘zoning out’ benefits your creativity and wellbeing The world around us moves at an ever-increasing pace; just keeping up can seem like [read more]

Demystifying the work-life balance

9th March 2018

CREDIT: This story was first seen in Lifehack and is written by Leon Ho, founder and CEO of Lifehack Kate is a hard-working manager working at a startup company. She toils at work but gets that nagging feeling [read more]