The benefits of community engagement to your finances

Phil Burton, SBM, Hallbrook & Cosby Primary School, tells us what you can expect to see if you come to his seminar at our EdExec LIVE events

It has been a challenging time in education over the past 18 months and in many cases additional funding through community work has decreased. I have experienced this across both of my schools yet as we start to come out of the pandemic there feels like a renewed focus and energy to get things moving once again and build back stronger and in my case far more outrageous.

The seminar will look at some of the ways in which we have and intend to increase funding in school through our local community and if you came to my previous session I have since taken on another school and they do just as crazy things.

Firstly, we will take a look at the best way to raise funding for your school and that is through increasing your number on roll. This is all about public perception of your setting, whether it be good or bad! People will naturally lean towards a setting with a good image when they are given a choice. So we look at ways to share the good stuff and deal with the bad. We will then take a look at some of the other things that we have done to create a unique selling point for our school where there are three primary schools within a one-mile radius of each other. Listening to the community and reacting to what they want in order to increase our numbers.

We also look at how people can play a part in this. Having the right person will have a huge impact on how you are perceived. Do you have a friendly person at the front office who is there to support your parents or are the type who really don’t want to know or be bothered to assist. We then look a little deeper at how involved in the community you really are and what you do to be noticed. We will talk about a yarn bomb, a summer camp, a climbing wall and of course it would not be me if we didn’t mention some sort of running event.

Finally we look at businesses and what we as school can do to get business to support us remembering that it is not just about the mega donations but equally smaller donations make a difference. Having worked on ‘the other side’ I will share my top tips to get yourself through the first line in these businesses!

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