The changemaker’s guide to process efficiencies

We’re really pleased to announce that Stephen Blackbeard, Every’s regional sales consultant, will be speaking at EdExec LIVE 2021

As the event draws closer, we’re getting more and more excited about being back face-to-face with our fellow education colleagues to learn tangible information relating to our sector.

We’re also looking forward to sharing targeted knowledge. After all, Every day is a school day! So, what will Stephen be discussing? Well, we know that change is scary. After all, it’s only human nature to be wary of the unknown. It’s far easier to stay put, but staying put doesn’t get you anywhere. Why do we still treat change as this colossal, scary concept? To move forward and progress, we need to be constantly evolving, both personally and professionally. Change isn’t to be feared, it’s an ally.

Introducing the changemaker, the real focus of Stephen’s talk. Starting off by walking through exactly what it means to be a changemaker, he will explore why they are crucial within school settings to make education as beneficial to all as possible.

If you ever find yourself questioning processes within your setting, listen up! Whether that’s to do with a lack in efficiency and consistency of manual processes, like the School Workforce Census, or a general sense of uncertainty about why problems lie where they do, Stephen’s on hand to investigate the causes. He’ll provide insight on why it is essential to consider factors, like the pain points of colleagues, when modifying a process. And then he’ll share the best ways to overcome and eradicate such issues.

At Every, we specialise in HR and compliance solutions for school and MAT settings. We know a thing or two about the importance of creating an effective SCR, and we understand the difficulties experienced when trying to digitalise manual processes. Trust us when we say come prepared for Stephen to blow your mind with ideas of effective systems you can implement with ease, for example to track appraisals or staff development.

We should all aspire to be a driver of change, and it doesn’t matter if that’s on a small scale, or large. What do you need to do to get yourself up there? Well, the ability to be open to change is key; identifying barriers and then striving to knock them down for continuous improvement is where it really gets going.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a changemaker? Make sure to catch Stephen’s talk when you visit this year’s EdExec LIVE – book your ticket here or emailing us at [email protected].

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